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Woman's Enema Power

More thoughts on enema. Not only the inherent qualities of the bag and the insertion make enemas potent. It's who controls them.


She Who Inserts. She Who Fills The Bowel. The feelings of vulnerability, the pleasurable discomforts of needing to excrete yet being held back from doing so by Her. Not until all the toxins get churned up, not until full cleansing is possible.

And when She allows the expulsion, when the filth jets out, it is She who has an option of how to define that moment.

She may say
Look at what you've done! Clean up that mess! Aren't you ashamed? Can't you ever grow up?

She may say
I'm so proud of you! What a good poo-poo! It's all right. Look at it. What a good boy!

In either case, She freezes you in developmental time, She aids in your reversion to an earlier stage when you had less or no control over your own body.

Only a strong Woman would want to take you there. It is our quest to find a strong Woman.
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